This On Demand Transport service grants you the possibility of moving you from your hamlets to the city center of Chamonix.

On Demand Transport is made so that the inhabitants of Chamonix Valley, needing disabled access (isolated and\or dependent old persons, isolated families, handicapped persons, damaged persons) can move to the center of Chamonix with the other travelers taken up residence near.

New access conditions to the Mobil’bus TPMR service:

You no longer have to own an 80% or over disability card, be in a wheelchair or suffer from blindness to be able to subscribe to this service, as long as you fulfill ,at least three of the following conditions:
- Be over 70 years old at the date of subscription
- Not live close to a public transport line (bus or train)
- Have the occasional need to take part in activities organized by the different municipalities
- Own a disability card, regardless of percentage
- Be unable to travel by your own means during the winter period (for seasonal card-holders)
The cost of the subscription card, either annual or seasonal for the winter period, is 10 euros, tax included.
If you do not have a free travel card issued by the Community of Communes, you will have to pay 3 euros for a daily return trip.


On Demand Transport is easy:

  1. Become a member of the service for one year by paying 10€. (Membership card = subscription).
  2. Book the day before you need the transport, before 5:00 pm by phone at 04 50 53 05 55. You can also book 4 hours before, subject to the vehicule availibility. For the week-end and the monday, please book the friday.
  3. The next day, a minibus will be on time at the defined stop point (Go 5 minutes before the schedule fixed by the councilor).
  4. Let yourself be transported to destination.
  5. For the return trip, the coverage is also made at a stop point and time defined during the confirmation of your booking.


Available all year long from Monday till Sunday from 8:30 am till 12:00 am and from 2:00 pm till 5:00 pm.


Depending on your trip, you can ask for the On Demand Transport between where you live and the center of Chamonix and Houches :

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