Traffic information

Here you can find informations about traffic and route changes.

Line 1 : WORKS = likely to be late

LINE 2 does not serve the "Hôpital" busstop anymore from the 26th of june 2021 on. The MULET line changes its route to serve it.

MULET : The new route is not running through the Grépon for the moment.


No special change currently.
Wearing the mask is compulsory on all our busnetwork.

Line 1

SUNDAY, AUGUST 1st, VILLAGE FEAST  : Bellevue, Les Esserts, Les Houches Mairie, La Griaz-Le Tourchet busstops won't be served betw. & 

WORKS : Line 1 is likely to be late, regarding the different works sites currently in progress in the valley. 

Line 2

Normal traffic

YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE : On the 26th of june 2021,summer timetable is on. LINE 2 has stopped going through Route des Pélerins

It will run on Promenade Marie Paradis right before/after Chamonix Sud busstop and the MULET will change its route to serve the "Convivialité" & "Hôpital" busstops. 

Line 3

Normal traffic 

Le Mulet (city center shuttle)

Normal traffic : 1 bus every 20 min.

YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE : since the 26th of june 2021, Mulet changes its route to serve the "Hôpital" busstop ! 

The new route is not running through the Grépon for the moment. 

Chamo'nuit (night bus service)

Chamo'Nuit night line runs again regularly since friday 25th june & until the 4th of september 2021. 

Line 6

Normal traffic

Line 21

Normal traffic

Bike Line V1

Normal traffic

Bike Line V2

Normal traffic

Gare Routière - Bus station office

Bus station office is located : 232 avenue de Courmayeur 74400 Chamonix

Opening times :  8.15am to 12.00 & 2.00pm to 5.15pm

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