Traffic information

Here you can find informations about traffic and route changes.


Consequently to the 6p.m. curfew government decision and to the lack of people using the bus services, the buses frequency has been reduced again since Thursday 28th January 2021.

Impacted lines : Le Mulet - Line 2B - Line 14 - Line 16

Chamonix Bus "Gare Routière" in Chamonix Sud will close at 5.30 p.m. instead of 6.30p.m.

Line 2 : Centre Technique and Glacier de Taconnaz busstops are likely not to be served.

Line 14 : Planards busstop is likely not to be served.

L.18 : Vallorcine shuttle. Col des Montets closes at noon today, Tuesday 02/02/2021.

Line 1

normal traffic

Line 2

FROM TODAY ON : "Le Tour" busstop is not served anymore, because of a subsidence of the roadway. Please go down to "Le Tour Village" busstop, by the bridge. 

Lines 2 runs normally.

Line 2B runs as follows :

from 10.00am  to = dep. from Chamonix Sud : 10h05 /10h35 / from 11.00 am on to 3.30pm every 30 min. /16h05 /16h55

Dep. Le Tour : 10h43 /11h13 / from 11.38 am  to 4.08pm every 30 min. /16h43 / 17h33

"Centre Technique" & "Glacier de Taconnaz" bus stops are likely not to be served according to the weather conditions. 

Line 3

Good service

Le Mulet (city center shuttle)

From Wednesday 17th Feb. 2021 on, as there are a few more people using the bus services, Le Mulet will run every 12 minutes until 6.00pm, curfew starting time. Then again, every 20mn. 

Chamo'nuit (night bus service)

Since Friday 13th nov. 2020,  the Chamo'Nuit service doesn't run anymore. It is suspended until further notice. 

Line 6

Good service

Ligne 14

Planards bus stop is likely not to be served due to the weather conditions. 

Since Thursday 28th Jan. 2021 : A run every 30 minutes,  with departures from 8.00am to 5.30pm in Les Planards & from 08.15am to 05.45pm at Le Brévent. 

Ligne 16

Since Thursday 28th January 2021, Line 16 is suspended until further notice. 

Ligne 17

Since Thursday 18th January 2021 : suspended un til further notice. 

Line 18 - Vallorcine shuttle

Normal traffic

Navette des bois

The Navette des bois is suspended until further notice. 


Train 18901 : departure from Chamonix at 7:28 am instead of 7:30 am

Train 18902 : arrival in Chamonix at 6:54 am instead of 6:53 am

Bus station office is located : 232 avenue de Courmayeur 74400 Chamonix

Since the 18th January 2021, new opening times :  08h30 to 12h30 and 13h30 to 17h30

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