This car-sharing service offers 3 electric vehicles in Chamonix at place du Mont-Blanc.

You can rent them for few hours for 7€/hour (charged by the minute with a minimum of one hour). They have an autonomy of 100 km and a speed limited to 70 km/h.


The service works with OneBlip app. You have to :

-Download OneBlip app on your smartphone. To register, you must have your driver licence for at least 3 years, and a valid Paypal account that you can create for free.

-Create your account : the email address used for this account must be the same than the one used for your Paypal account.

-In the ToolBox, click on « Endorsements » and make a new request by entering the email address ponettes@oneblip.com. Then, you will be accepted on the Ponettes platform.

-Once you’re a member of the platform, you can use the cars. They are parked at place du Mont-Blanc, in Chamonix. You must return the cars at this place.

-OneBlip app enables you to book a car (one hour in advance maximum). You just have to scan the QR Code to start your booking. Then, you can open the car with your smartphone. You will find the keys in the car. Panels are near from the Ponettes to remind you all the steps.

-To end your booking, you have to bring back the car at place du Mont-Blanc, and connect it to its charging point. Then, you have to scan the QR Code to end your booking.


The cars are self service 7 days / 7, 24h/24. The service is put to test during this summer (august and september 2017). You can call 07 78 51 06 59 if you have any problem with the app.


Follow us on Facebook : les Ponettes, or call us at 07 78 51 06 59 for more informations !

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